Island vibes and Filipino pride
in every cup of coffee 

You may have travelled across the globe, be part of the Filipino community or simply be a coffee enthusiast. Whatever your path all of us can be warmed and comforted by a piece of home. Something to ground us, like the origin, or the beginning of a story.

Akasya Kape was born through the journey home. 

Being a part of the ever-growing community of Filipino Australians, we found ourselves more and more drawn to our origins in the Philippines. In our home town San Enrique, Negros Occidental, there is a species of tree that brings people together, the Akasya (Acacia) tree. For generations these trees have served as landmarks and local meeting spots in different Filipino communities, “meet me at the Akasya tree”. Which is why it’s the genesis of our name and the inspiration of our ethos. Just as folks have met under the shade of an Akasya tree for many years, we want our coffee beans to facilitate community and the gathering of like minds.

No matter where we are in the world, sharing meals is fundamental to every Filipino family. So when the concept of a coffee company came to mind we knew right away that we wanted to source our beans from home. We started with Kalsada Coffee in Benguet and can’t wait to highlight other local growers from different regions of the Philippines, bringing their expertise in the coffee industry to our second home in Australia. The process of the coffee bean from seed to harvest is slow and focused similar to island life. We want our coffee to evoke that gradual feeling. The Sunday morning ritual of grinding the beans, making espresso or preparing a batch of pour over surrounded by rich aroma and the sounds of native Australian birds. This is where we hope our two worlds meet, sometimes quietly and slowly in your kitchen at home, sometimes surrounded by friends, family and sweet tunes playing at your local cafe.

At Akasya Kape, we believe that Philippine Origin Coffee should be shared. With the help and expertise of the team at Core Roasters, we hope to tell the stories of farmers and their produce and to uphold the importance of fair trade and sustainability. See you at Akasya Kape.

– Felis & Inday